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By Omoye Uzamere

Omoye UzamereRemember that essay you had to write in primary school or secondary school every January or New Term about how you spent your holiday? That dreaded drive down Imagination Street to conjure experiences, which had to compete with your classmates’ account.

I felt the familiar pang of nostalgia when my editor called me about my January article and I explained to her that I have a Confidentiality Clause with my current contract and hence, as usual, cannot write about work (as I’d like to. You see, I still need to get hired in this industry, so I ‘berra’ keep my thoughts to my Happy Place). She then suggested that I do ‘Sometin Light’, like talk about my holiday and what I did during the Christmas break.


Christmas break. Holiday… words that have no meaning for me right now. See, my life flows from one day into the next and people like me know no such thing as a holiday.

Anyway…. I’ve put pen to paper and must get to the end, so here is what I ACTUALLY did for the holiday.


M         T          W        T          F          S          S

18        19        20        21        22        23        24

25        26        27        28        29        30        31


M         T          W        T          F          S          S

1          2          3          4          5          6          7

8          9          10        11        12        13        14

I do not remember most of December, except the part where I was recovering from the weeks spent filming in Okota. How did I do that? Watching Netflix, chilling and eating junk food.

24th December:

I tried to attend church in the morning, but the traffic leaving my estate was so bad that even when I decided to go back home, I spent another 15 minutes trying to make a U-turn. Thank you very much Nigerian Hardship, for making all Christmas holidays truly memorable.

BEZ Live

BEZ Live:

This is where I went to behave inappropriately. I danced like David danced; only I was not, Biblically speaking, in the presence of the Lord. The music was that amazing. Like many people, @bez_live has become our Christmas tradition.

25th December, Christmas Day:

I slept in, ate and had great conversations. Then I went to the Osakioduwa’s for the annual Christmas party which was basically fun with old friends, new friends and friends who’ve become family.

Boxing Day? I don’t even remember.

27th to 30th December:


But I managed to squeeze in a reading for a filmmaker in the overseas and started running again. Well, jogging actually.

Sigh… if I’m truly honest, it’s mostly walking and a cross between quick walking and trotting, but we keep at it till lambs become lions.

31st December:

I had church, directed a photo shoot, did an end of the year media report for my department at church and then crossed over into the New Year.

1st January:

I slept in, ate and in the evening, baked my signature Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for the next day.

2nd January:


Beach outing with the Idakulas, Soboguns and Atiyas.

4th January:

I decide to do a long overdue catch-up with my friend, Tari Sikoki of @honeyscupcakes and I arrive at her cake studio to find my namesake I the oven. Oooh it was heavenly! (I hate to admit it, but almost a week later I’ve been nursing those brownies, dreading their end). But my next order will be these:



That evening, I went to Bogobiri to hang out with the amazing “@lolo_musiq and the Veterans Band” only to find that @laolunyc was putting up a show. @dakorea and @soundsultan even did a solo and I danced Niger Delta style when @mtrillteria performed Aboh! (Clap!). @adesegunadetoro was my run-into buddy for the evening and we talked Nollywood for a minute.

On the way home, I ran into a couple of ‘communication kingmakers’, Tommy and Johnny (they’ll gut me when they read this) and we had a nice chat about traditional and new media. In fact, that conversation birthed a show that I will be doing in the near future.

5th January

My big sister @adeybobo visits with the kids and that begins a busy weekend of visiting @victorsozaboy’s studio to watch him work and occupy his lunch break, going to the beach with @ozonegram, doing a taste fest at @hansandrene , stopping at Glover court for some suya and good old sibling time-out.

The holidays were officially over, but I had one more stop; our mini “Port Harcourt Reunion” took place at Susu aka @asueizaodogu’s house and what I have called “the best egusi soup I’ve had since I came to Lagos almost nine years ago”. Woah!!! It’ll soon be A Whole DECADE!!! We are getting old fa.

Anyway, Monday the 8th came and I had my meeting and now work has started. The end.

Hope you enjoyed my story?

What was your holiday like?

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