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Kevin Hart already made a public apology to wife Eniko, in an emotional video where he said he had a “major lapse in judgement” after allegedly being extorted over a sex tape in Sept. of 2017. Now the woman allegedly involved Montia Sabbag has turned around and is suing the comedian for $60 million, claiming his friend set up the cameras in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Kevin Hart

Fortunately for the 40-year-old comedian, his wife forgave him and is now is just thankful he’s alive after cheating death in a horrific car crash on Sept. 1 that left him hospitalized with serious back injuries.

“Eniko and Kevin already worked through their issues over his indiscretion; they’ve gotten past it and are on the other side. It’s a non-issue, especially with what just happened. He came so close to losing his life, Eniko is so grateful that he is alive and, well, she is not wasting her time tripping over the past,” a source close to Eniko says.

At the time of the indiscretion, Eniko was pregnant with their son Kenzo, who she gave birth to on Nov. 26, 2017. Right now, she’s more concerned about her husband and family than something that they already dealt with two years ago. “Eniko is worried about the well-being of Kevin, the father of her son. The battles they have been through in the past have built the foundation of their relationship today,” a second source says.

“She loves him more than ever and after this accident – and the fact that she could have lost him and he could have lost his life – they both know they need each other and will work together against anything that threatens their relationship. She believes her husband and this accident has made them fall in love with each other again. These trying times have been a great test for them to deal with,” the insider adds.

By: Dammy Eneli

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