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By Sarah Oyedo

You probably didn’t know that eggs are one of the top 7 healthiest foods of the planet. let’s just say – eggs are the superfood you’ve always wanted, but never knew you had.


There are a several health benefits to eating eggs, especially when it comes to your weight. And since there are so many easy ways to cook eggs, it might just be the weight loss tool of your dreams.

— Eggs are not only a source of protein but also a great way to help you lose weight.

— The superfood is high in amino acids, which help to boost your metabolism and burn calories.

— Eggs are also low in calories and help you feel fuller longer.

— Eggs are sugar free which means it helps you cut down on your sugar intake

— And the icing on the cake is, it’s inexpensive, quick and easy to prepare. And guess what? studies have shown it is absolutely healthy to eat up to 3 whole eggs per day. Yes, whole eggs, that’s including the yolk.

Thus eating whole eggs in the morning for breakfast gives you the right amount of protein and calories and makes you full for longer which will inadvertently cause you to consume less calories for the day.

Note that frying eggs in oils (save for the low calories variety) will increase calories per serving so stay away from the oils. Enjoy your breakfast and be healthy!

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