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Does your hear skip a beat when you see the new glittery eye shadow palette from house of Tara? Are you on the never ending search for the best mascara out there? Do you own millions of red lipsticks? Well welcome to our world- when it comes to make up, we like to consume every thing to the point that our bathroom cabinets over spill and our handbags are full to the brim with every lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara we can get our hands on.

So when you think about it, it’s not shocking that the average woman spends around N15,000,000 on make up during her lifetime. That’s a lot right? I imagine right now you’re thinking of what you could use that money for. As in, you could buy land and start the foundation for that amount. You could start a small business. You could even buy a round the world ticket and live it up.
What’s more the average woman’s skincare routine is almost as important as her cosmetics to research shows she spend a total of N10,000,000 a life time on facial products like moisturizers, cleanser and toner, eye cream, face masks and tips. Research shows that women buy around 38 different product for their face annually and 2,885 by the time they reach the grand age of 82 and a half years .
You can never have to many products right? However, you can save money by finding the product that will work for your skin.
Let us know how much you spend on your make up and your skin care products