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By Damilola Faustino

Having low humidity might be a problem. It can lead to dry skin, worsening of allergies, and increased vulnerability to flu and colds. Since buying and running a humidifier will cost a significant amount of money, finding ways to increase the moisture in your air without this expense might be the best solution. To help you improve the air in your home, here are some simple ways to naturally humidify your home:


A photo of a home humidifier

Get houseplants

Transpiration is the process by which moisture evaporates from the leaves and stems of plants, adding much-needed humidity to the air in your home. A dry home can be tough on houseplants as the battle for humidity wages, so be sure to keep them well watered.

Stovetop cooking

Increase your stovetop cooking to take advantage of incidental moisture release. Switching to a tea kettle instead of relying on the microwave to heat your water goes a long way.

Bowls of water

This is probably the most effective of these humidity-boosting tips. Place metal or ceramic bowls full of water on heat registers or radiators to push humidity into the air.

Leave the door open when showering

When taking a nice, steamy shower, leaving the door open is an easy way to add a little extra moisture to the air in surrounding areas. If baths are more your bag, don’t drain the tub when you get out. Instead, wait for the water to cool first to take advantage of the residual heat to add a little humidity to the air.

Dry clothes on racks

Use a rack to dry clothes at room temperature instead of tossing them in the dryer. It takes a little longer, but the moisture released into the house by drying clothes is an effective way to give your home the humidity it requires.

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