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By Damilola Faustino

Every lady needs these tips, because we all know the pain in our hearts when you look at your newly manicured nails and they are chipped on a corner. Whether you do your manicure at a salon or yourself,  you have to be careful not to ruin them, but this is quite difficult because well, we use our hands for virtually everything so the risks are quite high. But worry no more, we’ve got your back with these tips:


Select the right shape

Despite all the trendy shapes, it turns out that rounded nails are your best bet to avoid rips and snagging. Due to it’s smooth shape, it’s less likely to catch on things. If you prefer to wear your nails square, just make sure to round the edges on either side of the nail.

Prepare your nails properly before you paint

Most nail salons sit you to soak before pushing the cuticles and filing, but the most appropriate is to polish the nails when dry because it’s more sanitary and help your paint last longer. Soaking in water causes the nail to expand. Then when it dries the nail contracts, causing your polish to chip.

Apply product in three strokes

One swipe and you’re out? Not so fast. The professional way to apply is middle then sides. However, as long as you get full coverage on the nail, it’s really a comfort level for you.

Avoid heat when drying your manicure

As for drying, air-dry or use a blast of cold—not hot—air to assist. Heat actually keeps your polish from firming. Cold air does the opposite. As such, try quick-dry drops after a few minutes of drying.

Fix mistakes ASAP

If you notice any mistake in your manicure, you should fix it immediately. Use a stick with a flat edge, dip it in acetone, and work it around each nail. That way you don’t wait until the end, when the polish has already dried up in the crevices.

Make manicure maintenance an everyday thing

After all your hard work, a few good habits can extend the life of a manicure. You should wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning the house. You can also use cuticle oil as it helps keep the skin around your nails healthy and promotes healthy nail growth.

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