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We’ve all been there, listening to a friend as they regale us of all their antics, and we hear the same old lines over and over again.

It usually goes; “you see, we were talking and believe me, I had no idea this was going to happen. She just came over, we chatted and the next thing you know, one thing just led to another…”.

Isn’t it funny how they never see it coming, but everyone around them does. That’s because some people tend to be blind to the obvious. I mean, that guy in your office or class that always wears the horrible outfit? They must have a mirror, but they just don’t want to or can’t see the obvious (sometimes that’s me).

Ok, but back to the point, a friend and I were chatting and as the gist went on, it turned out that this exact same story had played out before. The central characters where different but boy oh boy, was the ending the same. So as she told me about how they went for a “stroll”, in my head I could already anticipate the turn of phrase, and lo and behold not two minutes later; “So when we got to the room…you know, one thing just led to another”.

Now, I’m not here to judge anyone because like everyone I surely have one or two “One thing led to another” scenarios, but I thought I should give you guys a heads up so you can see it before it happens. Here are the 5 major reasons why one thing always leads to another:

1 – You know YOU want it: Yes, you do. You went out, made sure you were on fleek and put your flirt lights on high-beam. So when you met her or him and you could feel the chemistry, it was obvious where it would all lead to. But you still found a way to get some privacy so that you could “talk better”. lol. Yah right! The only place to talk was the spare room/car/behind the house/abandoned building/shaded bushy area, and all the others talking just weren’t as smart as you guys? So now you have chemistry, fleek-ed-ness, seclusion and most likely time. So like the domino effect, I’d say one thing is bound to lead to another.

2 – You know THEY want it: Obviously they do, because all the lame jokes you made, they laughed at, all the flirtatious glances were caught, the skin grazes and long stares were all reciprocated and yes, she or he followed you on the “walk” and helped decide the route even. So just like a trapeze artist, you flew through the air avoiding “interuptors”, grenade like friends, and busy bodies, just to have them catch you. So yes, they wanted it too.

3- It’s in our nature: Before I go any further, I have to state that we are all sexual beings within, however, we just learn through puberty to train it. Some learnt better than others, and some don’t know the meaning of the word restraint. But at the end of the day, it is in our nature to seek out partners, and as they say, no man is an island, so we all want company. We read the signs and do the flirty tango and if you play the game right. One thing may just lead to another.

4- Chemical agents and intimacy always equal a good story: When will we learn? People around the world somewhere are waking up next to someone they do not know and wondering how it happened. They will find their way out and end up telling a friend those oh so faithful lines. Your friend asks “Dude, where did you go last night?” and they will answer “The tequila’s had me bro, I met this girl and one thing led to another”. Once chemical agents are introduced, as long as there is lust, the possibility for misbehavior maximizes and we all know what can happen. That’s why as a kid, Truth or Dare was the game of choice, because it was something to blame for our actions (though we all usually planned it like a full on battle assault strategy). That’s the same bum wrap alcohol usually gets, and the songs say it all, “Blame it on the alcohol”. And we usually do.

5 – What did you really think would happen: So I’ve gone on for a bit, but the final point is that it was always going to happen, the parameters were set and we helped push them through. What did you expect, when he flirted with you all night, brought you all the drinks, asked you to go get some air, admired how the night sky made your eyes sparkle and next thing you know, you where far from the rest of civilization (a locked car door/empty family house and the right person can make you feel like you are miles away from the world, we know) and kissing each others face off. Now at this moment you aren’t thinking about his ex who’s your friend or his younger brother who’s your ex or what ever the complication may be. But trust me, once someone asks you to regale them with the tale of “the locked car/empty house activities”, instinct drags you right back to…
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“well, one thing led to another and…”

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