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Herein lies my updated review about shopping Made In Nigeria brands, with the subject store being Shop NNO


How did I come across Shop NNO?

I came across the Shop NNO page on Instagram, and I was immediately besotted with the brand.

If you recall the article about the 5 pairs of slides you need to slay through the pandemic, you’d know this.

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I personally have a love-hate relationship with slippers

They need to be comfortable on the soles, they need to have a good grip against my foot, and must withstand wear and tear of Nigerian streets.

As the rainy season began and the streets became more difficult to navigate, all my slippers ended up having one fault or the other,

Hence, when it was time to treat myself to an exquisite yet price-friendly fashion find, without a doubt, I considered Shop NNO

I must commend their social media team

Those individuals are speedy with their responses when it comes to marketing and luring individuals in.

If you have any questions, any doubts, any concerns and any style you want to customize for yourself, the brand reps are happy to take all this into consideration.

The Process Of Ordering;

-You pick your shoe style

-Make payment via bank transfer

-Sit back relax and wait for your handmade footwear of choice.

As a fashion editor, I always advise that you start with a classic black pair of footwear when trying to build your shoe collection.

I went for a classic black pair of slides known as the ‘Bekkee Slides’

and for my next pair I will surely go for colour.

(I already have my eyes on a solid burgundy pair).



First and foremost, it takes 9 whole days to produce the footwear

So keep that time-factor in mind when ordering

and please give the brand enough time to make your customized babies with love.

Secondly, I personally, did not receive my shoes within the time bracket that was promised nevertheless, I receive a heartfelt  apology from the store

and a waiver towards the delivery fee which shows that the brand truly cares about their customers.

I must also commend the store on the quality of the shoes…

Well done Shop NNO and I look forward to wearing these babies all summer long and for many years to come!



I have worn my slippers everywhere with every item in my wardrobe so it was great that my first purchase was in black.

I’m now getting ready for my second purchase but this time I have my eyes

on these Burnt Orange Mules.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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