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Yes we went there! You must be thinking how mean could we be, to be sharing these secrets with you? But you know we have your back especially all you slay queens from around the world. So here’s the contemporary way to be the showstopper at the next owambe or wedding you attend:

wedding guest fashion

SKIN: First and foremost, in order to be the talk of the party, make sure your skin is on point not one blemish, spot or scratch is visible.

Water should literal be your best friend to help flush away any toxins in your body, remember to always exfoliate twice a week, make sure you give your skin a break from wearing makeup so as to allow your pores to breathe and always – and we mean always – use sun protection when going out in the sun.

BODY: GIRLLLLLLLLL where do we start in regards to the body? Just sleep in the gym. Oh and if you didn’t know, now we are telling you, Carbs are not your friends (now we are not staying starve yourself), but we are saying stay away from the carbs. There are sacrifices to be made to look snatched.

HAIR: We are strong fans of less is more, don’t ever try to do too much when it comes to the hair. Always go for the clean, natural and simple look; and no, you are not Nicki Minaj so no 30-inch weave.

MAKE-UP: This part, just like your hair is very important. We repeat, no Halloween make up or caking up the face. Always remember make-up is here to enhance the features. You do not have to turn into a completely different person than what you originally look like. Clean and light make-up is always the way to go. If you’re beyond the aid of makeup, plastic surgery is an option, just saying…

THE OUTFIT: This is the most important part, get this wrong and you would be the laughing stock of the day but get this right and we promise, you may be the one getting married next. Below are some outfit looks to inspire you or what you can get your local tailor to make or better still, just go and buy it from the dealer.



Monochrome Minimalism is never inappropriate, a black wicker backpack worn with a chic, black dress and stamens heels will always turn heads.



This look is for the risk takers. It is definitely more daring – shorts with a pair of wrinkled satin top, tortoiseshell earrings to channel the bomber spirt.



Slinky evening wear takes on an insouciant edge when worn with golden flats and minimal make up: effortless elegance at its peak.



You should feel free to wear this Jacquemus dress anywhere, any time – but some raffia flatforms and a wooden handbag add a sense of ease to every occasion.



A thick headband, red lipstick and a Fendi baguette can provide a touch of old-school glamour to nearly any outfit – but Norma Kamali’s ruched bodycon presents the perfect foundation.

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