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Monday is always a vital day for most businesses, hence there is usually a rush to get to work early, and struggles to beat the possible Monday traffic. If you do not drive, then chances are, you are taking the public bus. Now, there are different kinds of people at the bus stop, hence, there is the possibility that you may be pickpocketed, which can make you start off your week pretty poorly. Here are tricks to beat the Monday morning rush:

pick pocket thief steal bag

Maintain situational awareness

The first step in avoiding getting pickpocketed is to always maintain situational awareness when you’re out and about. Don’t lose yourself while fiddling your phone. Just be conscious of where you are. If you feel you will be pickpocketed, you should move away from that spot.

Avoid the back pocket

Avoid keeping your valuables in your back pocket. In fact, to be completely safe, store money and phones in your bag. It doesn’t hurt to carry an extra wallet with only the amount required to sustain you for the day. Everything else should go into your bag. Separating money is sometimes the best option to keep it safe.

Be careful in crowds

You will never be able to completely avoid crowded places, but you can be extra careful when walking through crowds. Keep your bag close to your body. Also, if you’re carrying a backpack, wear it in front.

Don’t give them a pocket to pick

The best way to avoid a pickpocket is to not give them a pocket to pick. Keep your wallet and valuables in a pocket that isn’t easily accessed, wear a money belt or keep your hands in your pocket at all times. For handbags, always store your wallet at the bottom of your bag, zip it up and carry it tightly under your arm in front of you if possible.

Never tempt the pickpocket

The pickpocket usually picks their victim carefully and they will go for one that is vulnerable. So, if you carelessly arrange you things for everyone to see, do not be surprised when you arrive at your destination and you do not find them. Keep your things properly. It is Monday morning!

By Damilola Faustino

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