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Yes I know the Importance of skincare, and having a skincare routine but a lot of the time people tend to forget to take time out to care for their lips. Having a proper lip care routine is necessary and pretty normal or maybe I’m just the weird person who pays too much attention to her lips.  I like having soft smooth soft lips, sue me. Anyway, here’s a list of the things I do to avoid getting chapped lips.

Here's How to Naturally Treat Dark Lips

1. Use a toothbrush; I do this at least three times a week.  This is a method of exfoliating and it helps to get rid of dead skin. Use your toothbrush to brush your lips, this is easy because you can do it while brushing your teeth in the morning or at night.  Sometimes you could put a bit of Vaseline on the toothbrush before brushing your lips, the results are amazing. Obviously, you’d have to use a separate brush for your lips or wash your toothbrush thoroughly before using it for regular tooth brushing. 


2. Don’t lick my lips: Simply because it makes my lips even drier and I also try not to touch them, the same way I don’t touch my face.



3. Always always remove my makeup:  I never forget to thoroughly remove makeup on my lips because my lips need to breathe. After using my face wipes, I use my cleanser to wash it off then use the wipes again to make sure everything is off. 

makeup remover

4. Use Vaseline: I do this to keep my lips hydrated, and I do it not only at night, I do it throughout the day. I have Vaseline in my bag most of the time and when I don’t have that, I substitute with lipgloss; can’t afford to have dry lips. Sometimes I use shea butter, because shea butter makes my lips soft.


5. Use Oatmeal: I love doing this, so basically all I do is mix oats with honey and exfoliate my lips with it. I leave the mixture on my lips for 10 minutes then wash off. Sometimes I just use plain oats and water. Orrrr if I have the time, I mix brown sugar and a bit of lemon, works magic. 


6. Massage:  Lol sounds odd but it’s good, this improves blood circulation in my lips, I just use coconut oil and shea butter or just olive oil, you’ll come back and thank me later 


By: Dammy Eneli

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