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We all love street food. From our Boles, to roasted or boiled corn, mangoes, vegetables, abacha and so on, street food is always going to be a constant part of our lives. But they can be hazardous to our health due to their exposure and the conditions under which they are made. However, this should not stop us from enjoyinh them. Rather, we can find safer means by which we can consume these foods without getting sick:

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Water is probably the single biggest factor when it comes to getting diarrhea or having stomach problems while traveling. Not only should you be cautious of drinking straight cups of water, but also drinking water that includes ice cubes, drinking the tempting fresh fruit juices, or even rinsing out your mouth when you brush your teeth.

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Eat fruits that have peels

Some fruits like apples come ready to be eaten, other fruits like oranges and bananas come with outer layers that need to be peeled off before being eaten. Buying and eating fruit that needs to be peeled is great. Instead of having to wash off the fruit (or worry about the water) you can just peel and eat.

Avoid raw vegetables

Due to unsanitary water, eating raw vegetables can also be risky depending on the country you are visiting. If you are uncertain about the conditions of the water or how your stomach will handle things, it’s best to avoid eating raw vegetables.

Spicy food

An abundance of spice and chilies is something that could upset your stomach. It’s not that the food has been contaminated, it’s just that your stomach may not be accustomed to the mix of spices and the pungent blends of flavor. If you don’t do well with high spice levels, you may want to proceed with spicy foods in small amounts at first and try to slowly build up your stomachs’ tolerance.

Wash Your Hands (with Soap or Alcohol)

Believe it or not, washing your hands before you eat isn’t just for your own personal sanitary comfort – it really does kill the germs and bacteria that have collected on your hands throughout the day.

By Damilola Faustino

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