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A lot of times we cast aspersions on our leaders while highlighting their numerous actions and inactions. We make statements and turntables while convincing ourselves that we could have done better. Truth is, it is easier said than done. Our daily lives provide a platform for us to be true leaders and showcase distinct leadership traits that we desire in the people who govern us.


So before you cast that stone and scream foul play at our leaders, try to do the following.

  1. Stay in queues: Life gets busy all the time, and it’s understandable that we are always in a hurry to accomplish all our set goals while not being mindful of others. At the bank hallways, petrol stations and public places, do you stay in queues or shun the line? It is amazing what a world of respect, empathy and order, rather than chaos can do for us as a people
  2. Keep Nigeria clean: After relishing that yummy street food the very unconscious thing to do is toss the wrapper on the road and move on. But this simple act is one of the major causes of flooding and several unhygienic conditions in our environment. It is not enough to look pretty, also make your country look “peng”.
  3. Obey traffic rules: It is purportedly said that the interpretations of the traffic light in Nigeria are: Green – Go; Amber – Go fast; Red – Check if there’s no police, then go! We need to imbibe the culture of obeying traffic lights as they exist for our own good and that of other road users. Closely associated with this is the issue of obeying traffic laws. If a road says ‘one way’, don’t go flouting the law as this could cause fatal accidents, as well as endanger others. Also, avoid texting while driving.
  4. Respect: It goes beyond genuflecting and greeting. It entails showing respect for constituted authorities. If the law prohibits something then strive not to do it. No loitering; no parking; use overhead bridges when crossing the road; pay your tax etc. These laws should be strictly adhered to for safety and progress.
  5. Punctuality: Whoever coined the phrase “African Time” was certainly right, and to a great extent. But we need to correct this erroneous identity. We need to respect stipulated time and avoid keeping others waiting. If it says 9:00AM please don’t arrive at the venue at 9:00AM. It implies instead that you should be seated and ready for the event at 9:00AM.
  6. Say no to vandalism: If you are upset about things, you do not need to take your anger out on public property. This only makes things worse for the common man. More so, when using public property, use it with caution keeping in mind the future generation.
  7. Anti-bribery and corruption: You do not need to pay your way through life. Endeavour to do things the smart, but legal way. As little as paying a security guard to help you gain entrance into a place is bribery. You won’t have to pay your way through if you only you can do the right thing with a little focus, consistency and improvement.

So before you make that disapproving remark about a leader, search yourself. Can you do what it really takes to become the leader of your dreams?

By Alexandra Ehi-Uujamhan

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