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First dates can frighten some guys because they do not know what to expect. As such, it will be difficult to be gentlemanly during the date. Please calm down, you do not need to fret. Here are tips to be a gentleman especially on your first date.

First date

Make an effort with your appearance

You don’t need to turn up in a tuxedo to dress like a gentleman but it’s important to think how you’re presenting yourself to potential partners. Depending on where you go, there will appropriate and inappropriate things to wear on a first date.
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Most first dates will be for a casual drink or coffee so think about your wardrobe. How to be a gentleman on a first date? Dress smart!

Pick the best place

The first date location is crucial. There’s nothing worse than being excited for a first date only to find out that the person has impulsively booked a skydiving lesson and you’re petrified of heights. That’s an extreme example, but it does show one of the main things men tend to not think about on first dates. Simply, what do they want to do? A gentleman will inquire about their interests, hobbies and cultivate a thoughtful, fun and engaging first date.

A great introduction

One of the most stressful parts of a first date is the first 10 minutes. There are a few ways that a modern gentleman can make this experience better for yourself and your date. First off, you have agreed on your location and the time, make sure you’re there early. If you’re early it shows that you’re conscientious of time and you can also sort out any foreseeable issues i.e. the venue is closed, it’s too busy etc. Another top tip for how to be a gentleman is to make sure your date knows who you are. T

Food choices

If you’re dining out on your first date, then knowing what food to pick is a good mark of how a true gentleman acts on a first date. It’s fairly easy if you use common sense. Keep it simple and manageable.

Conversational etiquette

Saying conversation is the most important part of a first date is obvious, it’s essentially the point of the date in the first place. It’s where you find out whether the good time you had messaging back and forth online can be created offline. How then do gentleman conduct a conversation on a first date? Listen, no politics, no heavy topics, no prying and show enthusiasm!

Courteous and respectful physical interactions

It can be tricky to figure out the level of appropriate intimacy on a first date, especially if you’re trying to date like a gentleman. During the date, if you think a playful hand or arm touch makes sense in context then feel free, but remember a gentleman acts with confidence and not arrogance. Also, remember to not go overboard.

Paying the bill

Paying the bill is potentially the most controversial topic to tackle when it comes to ‘how to be gentlemen on the first date’. There are many opinions on this seemingly simple issue, particularly if you’re trying to be a modern, forward-thinking gentleman. Playing it safe, you can sayI’ll get this and you get the next one?’ This insinuates that there’ll be a second date. Simple, charming and also demonstrating an understanding of the tricky nature of paying for a date.

By Damilola Faustino

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