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So we have been talking over the past few weeks on how to be a man, and as a man’s man I have been telling you what you need to know and think in order to transition from a boy, ‘that guy’, the atm for babes, etc.. Into a MAN.

We’ve looked as socializing, being a father, getting the right bod, etc. So now we need to look at the fairer sex and how we interact with them.

How to treat a lady:

Women are an integral part of every man’s life. They start of as our mothers, care givers and providers, and as we grow we start associating different things to them- our sisters, friends, love interests etc.

So once we become adults we already have many stories, thoughts and emotions associated with them, and of course it differs with every single man out there. However the men who are remembered at the ones who knew how to treat a lady.

We grow up and start adulting, we get distracted by a lot; the grind for money, work/life balance, partying and so much more, that we tend to forget the 1st woman that ever touched us.

It is important to treat your mom right, some may have strained or non-existent relationships with their mothers, but a real man knows how to make her smile. Call and ask how she is, send her credit for no reason. She may not need it, but if you can, take a second every now and then and say hi.

With the other women in our lives, I’m not going to tell you to hold doors open or pull out chairs for them (although that would be very gentlemanly of you) but a real man doesn’t treat women like trash, objects or property. When you want a woman you chase her with an idea of who she would be getting, but I say chase her with who you are. Don’t buy chocolates if when you get together the Choco party ends. Watch your temper and be sure to treat her with respect. If there are problems, let’s not share it with our friends on a night out by scolding or yelling at her in front of them. Table the matter for when you get home or in the car.

Issues will always arise but a real man deals with the problem “with” the lady in their life and doesn’t make a show about how he is right when they are both outside and in front of others.

The moral of the story is treat them well, don’t change who you are entirely, but just think about the kind of man you want to be and adjust where possible.

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