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be a manFor years, I have traveled the world, mingled with aristocrats in exclusive clubs and flown okada to the most amazing Bukka’s in Opebi. No matter where I found myself there was always something new. So I have taken it upon myself to keep seeing what Nigeria has to offer and all the while learning and taking it all in”.


“Yes, yes, even more exclusive than this… But the question is; do they have amala?”

My trials, tribulations and tenaciously exuberant adventures have shown me that we Nigerians have always prescribed to the mind set of our fore fathers, and as such, I think it’s time we re-evaluate what it is to be a Nigerian Man in 2016.


Chapter 1 – Social Interactions

The modern Naija man is faced with the same predicament on a daily basis. Do I act like I think people want me to act or do I be myself? With the technological age upon us and the faceless masses spewing contrived “philosophical” ideals all over each other’s “Time lines” everyone is being more careful once they find themselves in a real life social setting.

And the funny thing is that to be a well-rounded individual, social interaction is key. For a real man it is crucial to our wellbeing. It is these interactions with others that stop us from being what our parents where (just the word sums it up “Pay Rents” as they seemed to be mustache wearing bank accounts with legs).

So we mingle with our peers and in doing so find out who we really are. It’s these verbal idea exchanges (Or just gist over a beer or two) during our formative years that slowly craft us as the man we will be in future. You know what I mean, those deep philosophical debates about why Jay Z is the best rapper alive and Nas can like to sit down, or the intellectual dialogue on why Indomie is truly the food of the masses.


“People can like to argue, while these guys are just cashing checks.”

These sculpt our childish minds and teach us to have an opinion. Hopefully we learn that others are entitled to theirs as well but it’s these things that slowly bring us to the evolved being that is “A MAN”.

But then again, this may not be true for everyone. I hear Scandal is an excellent show.


“I’m more of a Game of Thrones man myself”

This is just the beginning, stay tuned to Acceleratetv.com for the upcoming chapters.