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Some people are most productive when working alone, but the struggle to set boundaries with checking social media, saying “no” to plans with friends or slacking off on the internet is very real, especially when you’re outside of the office. Here are ways to be more productive on your own:

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Minimize distractions

Hard work can be time-consuming, and willing to minimize your social media intake is often necessary when meeting intense deadlines. It can also mean enduring fear of missing out when you have to work late and miss a work happy hour.
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If you can’t stop checking your various newsfeeds, you can remove yourself from personal networking groups or disabling popup alerts on your phone by enabling the “do not disturb.

Set small goals throughout the day

Setting aside time to work solo is one thing, but actually being productive can be a challenge. Breaking down your assignments into smaller tasks is key. You can jot down a simple to-do list of tasks to cover over the next hour or a couple of hours, or if you’re working on a series of repetitive tasks, you can create a small work chart or grid that lists out each task vertically, on the horizontal axis, you can detail each step that needs to be completed.

Take breaks

Taking a brief respite from your work, whether it’s grabbing a snack or taking a walk, can work wonders for solo productivity. Research shows that humans experience fatigue every 90 minutes causing them to lose energy and focus, so taking short breaks every now and then could be yield to being more productive later on in the day.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

If your line of work involves writing reports or contracts, try to eliminate repetitive and mundane tasks by writing up a template with a format to follow for each project rather than re-typing the same thing out over and over again. Having a template or set of templates on hand can make your work go much more quickly – you won’t waste time figuring out how to construct a report, write an email to a vendor or customer, or update an image or graphic.

Overcome loneliness

Working long hours by yourself without any social contact can get lonely. So consider joining a co-working space. And if you miss the comfort that comes with working among people, consider joining the remote worker’s forum.

By Damilola Faustino

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