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By Damilola Faustino

Some people are naturally more productive and energetic in the mornings while others thrive at night. Unfortunately for night owls a lot of jobs require an early start and a schedule that resembles something close to your day job. If you’re a natural night owl who is struggling to adjust to such an early start time, these tips may be helpful!

work at night

Night preparation

From writing down what you need to do the next day so you can go into the office and automatically get to work to laying out your clothes and your lunch for the next day, night preparation is essential for anyone who isn’t an early bird. You don’t want to get up any earlier than you need to. But, if being a night owl is causing you to show up late because you’re slow to start in the mornings, you need to start doing more of your preparation for the next day the night before.

Take some work home

You know you are more productive later in the day, either when other people are winding down or even later into the evening and night. Why waste it? If possible, try to take some of your work home so you can do it during your peak productive times.

Leave the harder task for the night

If you’re doing automatic tasks in the morning then it would make sense that you should save your harder work for later in the day when your problem-solving engines are spinning a little faster and your productivity is naturally boosted by your internal rhythms.

Don’t forget sleep

One thing that night owls with early schedules can often forget to do is sleep. You’re so busy being productive during your peak times that you forget to sleep at a reasonable hour and get the 7-9 hours most adults require to be at their peak levels of functionality. Prioritize staying hydrated and getting enough sleep and you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you’ll feel in the mornings.

Go out and network

Your 9 – 5 is over, and while you could take the evening to catch up on your side hustle or finish work, you could also use this time and newfound energy to network and go out to events to build connections.

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