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Staying one step ahead of the style trends is an integral part of being a fashionista. Not only will you want to avoid following the crowd, but you might also want to don the biggest and best looks before they become popular with the masses. If you love clothing, accessories and everything in between, and want to create an enviable wardrobe every season, you will want to read the following five tips for becoming more fashion forward this year:

summer fashion

Don’t stick to trends

Many people fear buying a bold print or accessory, as no-one else might be wearing it at present. Rather than following trends that will disappear almost as soon as they arrive, aim to start them by wearing garments and accessories that no-one is wearing yet, so you’ll always be a few steps ahead of the curve. If you like something, wear it. You might be surprised by how many compliments you’ll receive, as a result.

Go vintage

Vintage and thrift stores can be jam-packed with buried treasures, but it’s your job to find the gold among the old clothing and accessories. While you will more than likely want plenty of brand-new items hanging in your closet, you shouldn’t be afraid to wear classic clothing and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. It will help you to develop a distinctive look that will prove you have a keen eye for detail.

Try a different retail brand

If you are unhappy with your style, but find you are continually turning to the same retail brands time and again, it might be time to head elsewhere. Rather than getting stuck in a fashion rut, aim to find different designs, styles, and materials by turning to different retail brands.

Read various fashion articles

If you lack both style and beauty inspiration, start reading various fashion articles from the likes of Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and W. The informative guides cannot only inspire different designs and colours, but can help you to learn more about color palettes, timeless looks and complementary styles for your body shape, skin tone, hair color, etc.

Stick to classic items

There are some garments and looks that refuse to go out of style. If you want to look flawless month after month, year after year, fill your closet with classic, high-quality garments that perfectly fit your body, which you can also blend with fleeting trends.

By Damilola Faustino

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