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Whatever mode of transportation you are taking to travel. what can make or mar your trip is the content of your travel wardrobe. To avoid wardrobe fatigue on the road, you can make your travel clothes go the extra mile. So get creative: Optimize your closet and wander light with these simple steps for enhancing your travel wardrobe.

travel wardrobe

Purchase a basic t-shirt

V-neck T-shirts are the savvy traveler’s secret weapon. A quality, tailored T-shirt is indispensable. The “tailored” part is important: A baggy tee will do you no favours; however, one that fits well to your body can be worn tucked into a pencil skirt for a dressy or business-friendly look, with jeans for a casual day of sightseeing, or with shorts for a long, lazy day at the beach. For men, a tailored shirt can even be worn under a blazer. Rollable and relatively wrinkle-free, the basic tee will extend your wardrobe by days, no matter the destination.

Wear reversible clothes

Reversible clothes can add colour to your travel wardrobe and give you plenty of options, all in one garment. Look for pieces that have bright patterns on one side and basic neutrals on the other for maximum use. Tank tops with neckline add versatility to an otherwise basic garment.

Invest in a versatile footwear

You don’t need to pack every shoe you’ve got. Multi-purpose shoes that can perform double or even triple duty will easily lighten your load. Pack ballet flats that are comfortable for walking around museums but also look elegant enough for a party can be worn with jeans or dresses and are a great option for airport security lines since they slip on and off. In general, high-quality shoes with solid soles are your best bets for travelling; investing in quality will guarantee long-lasting shoes that hold up for multiple uses.

Bring smart accessories

When you’re wearing basics on the road, you might want to liven up your outfit with some smart accessories. Avoid one-off pieces of jewelery that you’ll wear only once, if at all, such as a fancy strand of pearls, a cocktail ring you’re likely to lose in the mess of your hotel room, or a bulky sun hat.

Look for garments that perform double duty

Smart explorers know that clothes should have more than just aesthetic value, so look for multi-purpose pieces to accentuate your basics. Convertible bags will also extend your wardrobe and lighten your carry-on load.

By Damilola Faustino

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