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There are different categories of Snap Chat Snapchatters out there, and let’s just say this….some of them suck!!


We know you know this…. The ones who make videos of their faces as they tilt from side to side….with no sensible text…no funny speech or no fine music in the background. Please take you mug away, we are not that interested.

Then, there are the creative guys who take flirtation to a whole new level by using the apps plethora of funny, sweet and engaging concepts, from the bitmojis, to the screen writing, from personal messaging to the video calling…its all pretty useful if you know what to do.

So for now we are going to examine 5 fun things you can do to flatter someone one on your Snap chat…..all you need to have are the right words….and good taste in music. You can put them on your story, or send it directly to her.


Here we go!!

Move 1: Pen The Poetry ( And please make sure it rhymes)

All you need to do here is carefully slide your finger across your screen as you scribble the words. If you use a device with a stylus, then you can totally rock out with this. To get the black background, just cover your back camera and snap, your pad is ready….now pen those magic words.

Nutty lil’ Tip (Use text that can refer to multiple girls at a time…and each one feels special)


If you think the rhyme is corny…..hit us with one of yours.


Move 2: Real Text and Colours

Now you can take pictures of your surroundings like we have done with a yellow wall, and a tiled floor. Upon that surface….tap your screen, when the text bar appears, type your text…then enlarge it. You can use two fingers and pinched to resize to whatever proportion you like. Tap text to change the colors and tilt the whole text if you wish. To add effect, just pick one of the many fun/fine emojis….paste it…and send to the babito.

Nutty Lil Tip (Use emojis and illustrations that insinuate an impeding date….be immoral if you like sef….shebi its your phone)

Snapchat-3159844620059061157   Snapchat-8293327155380605254


Move 3: Start drawing your own story

This is the closest you’ll get to being your own movie director. Use your finger or stylus to draw caricature images and use smiley and emoji heads to personalize them. Its goofy…but its kind of cute. To the right girls oh.\

Nutty Lil Tip (You know those things you intend to do with the girl in question……well…..now you can visually describe it)



Move 4: Turn Up The Music (This is where you really kill it)

First off, download the Bitmoji app, and create your own personal character. Dress him up real nice, and when that’s done…hit the SnapChat town. Make videos and select your character to put in and hold the emoji to animate it.

You can block your camera for the black background…and then record the music…..and add your effects. (Yes its a lot of work, but so is getting a pretty girl…haba)


Move 5: The Playlists (This one is where she will run mad)

If you know her favorite songs, or you just have a set of songs you know that would excite her. Just make like 5 or more snaps…with each snap playing a different song……and saying a different thing. Here’s a sample format below…in text.

1st Clip-

Text- We are dancing to this one after we say I do

Song- ”Just The Two Of Us” by Bill Withers

2nd Clip-

Text- Care for you until my unstable heart stops

Song- ”Earned It” by The Weeknd

And just keep it going like that. Now you have just 24hrs for your creativity to make an impression….so go charge that device…and Snap away your love life. (Whatever that means to you)

Now while you wait and plot and scheme, here’s something cool to check out. IK Osakioduwa has 5 Boss Moves for you. Don’t say we never did anything nice for you.


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