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By Simi Ayeni

We all want to buy the best presents for our friends, but then there’s the money matter. When on a budget, it’s very hard to find good presents at affordable prices, but that does not have to mean you abandon your quest to be a good friend. So here are some ideas for getting presents on a budget:

giving at christmas

  • A hungover cookbook- yes that’s how it is spelt and its only $8 from amazon. It is designed to track and improve your hungover state and to comfort you- it makes a good and smart present.hungover-cookbook
  • A sleep mask- especially if they aren’t a morning person they would really appreciate it. Below is a very cute one.sleep mask
  • A personalised makeup bag perhaps with their name on it.make up bag
  • A travel mug which they can put coffee into- this is very useful as they can use it everyday.travel mug
  • If you are willing to spend a bit more, this is a very unique one- it’s a half bracelet half flask which is $45 from high fashion home.flask bracelet
  • Matching necklaces (with zodiac charms on them) one for you and one for them- only $10.


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