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Social media addiction is a real thing and it’s a thing that a lot of people suffer from. This is something that affects a person’s daily life and even work life. If you feel like you’re becoming more and more addicted to social media, it is necessary to take a step back from scrolling every so often. Here are four ways to curb social media addiction.

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Turn Off Your Notifications

This is the first step anyone should take when trying to stop social media addiction. Notifications are a constant reminder that something is happening in the online world and you might feel like you’re missing out. When you stop notifications from disturbing your normal routine, you might find it easier to concentrate on your daily tasks and curb your addiction.

Get A New Hobby

You may have a lot more free time on your hands now that you’re trying to cut down on your social media usage, so why not try a new hobby. You could learn a new skill or do something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. Getting a new hobby would help you reduce your social media addiction.  Your new hobby will keep your mind and hands preoccupied when you’re craving social media.

Give Yourself A Time Limit

Giving yourself a time limit is a simple but effective way to curb your social media addiction. Set yourself either a time limit for each day or each session and be strict with yourself. We all know that five minutes can turn into five hours in the blink of an eye if you’re not careful!

Delete Apps You Don’t Use

One thing that was mentioned in The Social Dilemma was to uninstall apps you aren’t using often. Haven’t checked Twitter in months? Take it off your phone. Barely use Instagram? Delete it. It’ll remove the temptation, the notifications, and the temptation to scroll mindlessly. If you absolutely need to check it, there’s always your laptop.

By: Dammy Eneli

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