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By Damilola Faustino

Your morning is meant to prepare you for a new day. So, you will no doubt have a horrible day if you wake up every morning with your head pounding. This is also not good for your health. But you do not need to worry anymore, here are tips to help you stop waking up in the mornings (or any other time of the day) with headaches. If it becomes severe, you should see a Doctor:



Exercise may be the last thing you want to do to deal with morning headaches, but it actually works. When you exercise, you are physically fit, your body will be free of any pain and you will be comfortable. In addition, exercise helps you to sleep better and as a result, you do not need to worry about morning headaches. Exercise keeps you healthy and wards away virtually all forms of internal illnesses.

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Drink more water

Always drink enough water, especially if you are dehydrated. Oftentimes, dehydration is a major cause of morning headaches. Henceforth, don’t hesitate to drink water just before you go to bed. You should, however, be careful with the cups of water you drink so that you do not wake up every hour to use the toilet all night.

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Change your sleep posture

The only thing you can control whenever you sleep is your sleep posture. If you wake up in the mornings with headaches, you should try as much as possible to change your posture. You can also change your pillow. In other circumstances, you can use an extra blanket and you can wear a thicker shirt especially if the night is cold. This is all in a bid to stop these unpalatable headaches. Sometimes, you may be sleeping in a position that allows your head to lie lower than the rest of your body, causing more blood to flow to your head, hence, everything starts changing position when you finally arise in the morning. This sleeping position is bad and should be changed.


Eat light

In some cases, your headache can simply be stopped by eating right. You might want to desist from heavy foods at night. You can simply take cereal or a few slices of bread. But ensure that do not eat late in the night.


Just take a warm shower

Normally, it is healthy to take your bath at the end of your day. This will help reduce your body temperature to a certain degree. This is because the higher the temperature, the higher the likelihood, you are going to wake up with a headache. Plus it’s just neat to shower at night and get the dust and dirt of the day off your body before you turn in. Showers generally help you sleep better.

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