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By Damilola Faustino

We all have 24 hours every day to deal or battle with what life has to offer us. But there are times when you just do not want to get up from your bed and hit the bath because you are tired or lack motivation. You are not alone. Many people feel this way. The difference is that certain people have developed a coping mechanism to ensure that they do not wake up tired every morning. Below are some of the actions they have taken:

waking up morning routine

Eat early and eat healthy

The most common reason why people wake up sluggish or tired in the morning is because of heavy eating at night, or late eating. Digestion is an energy-intensive process and if you go to bed immediately after a heavy meal, your stomach is going to spend most of the night digesting the food, leading to improper sleep patterns. The solution is simple. Consider eating a balanced diet that includes healthy fats, protein and low carbs as these are easier to digest and will supply your body with consistent energy throughout the night.

Avoid stressful activities before bedtime

Consider avoiding strenuous activities before bedtime. Watching TV programs, listening to loud music, playing engrossing video games or having an argument, are activities you should avoid before going to sleep. These activities stimulate your mind, leaving you feeling restless in bed. An overactive mind takes more time to reach deep sleep states, resulting in you feeling tired in the morning.

Stick to a regular sleeping pattern

If you are in the habit of changing your sleeping times frequently, for example, sleeping at 10 p.m.12 a.m.1 a.m. on different nights, then it’s going disrupt your sleep rhythm. Most people who wake up active are the ones who are disciplined about their sleep schedule. They go to bed at roughly the same time every night and wake up at the same time as well.

Plan ahead for your day

Before going to sleep, make it a habit to jot down your goals for the next day. A rough plan for the morning, afternoon and evening should be good enough. Initially, you can only write down what you want to do in your mornings. Writing this down the previous night allows your mind to be more focused when you get up and your body will be ready to take up the tasks ahead.

Help your body flush out toxins in the morning

Morning is the time when your body is ready to flush out toxins. Help your body by drinking half a liter of water first thing in the morning. To make this even more beneficial, drink your water lukewarm.

Let go of thoughts that drain you

Where your attention goes, energy flows. The number one factor that drains your energy are negative thoughts – thoughts of hatred, revenge, anger, jealousy, worry, resentment and blame. If most of your energy is being wasted on harboring such thoughts, then you will have little to no energy left to spend on creative pursuits and advancing your life. These thoughts will drag your vibration down.

Incentivize your wake up

Give yourself something to look forward to every morning, whether it’s a stop at the local coffee shop, a special home-brewed cup of coffee, or a relaxing breakfast while reading the newspaper. Just look for things that will encourage to look forward to your day.

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