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There is nothing worse than feeling homesick when you are travelling. Travelling is about embracing the unknown, and that makes some people uncomfortable. The trick is to bring a piece of home with you wherever you are. Here are tips that may help cure your homesickness:


Stick to your routine

If you work out every morning then you should head to the fitness room. If you have a bedtime ritual, don’t let being in a hotel stop you. Bring your face wash and makeup remover, read a book, and brew some of your favourite herbal tea.

Do not forget your stuff

Bring items from home, like your pillow, blanket, or favourite mug. Download TV shows that you usually watch or play music from a familiar playlist.


When you unpack and put everything in its place, you will feel more settled. Hang up items that will get wrinkled and use those drawers. You’ll feel relaxed when your toothbrush has its place.

Call home

Sometimes you just need to hear a familiar voice. So FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp people at home so you can see their smiling face. This will ensure that you do not miss home.

Food from home

Bring your favourite cereal, granola bars, teas, or coffee for breakfast. Bring a bottle of your favourite wine to enjoy at night. Staying somewhere with a kitchen? Make meals you eat at home instead of going out. When eating out, find a place that serves family favourites. Sometimes a slice of pizza can make all the difference.

By Damilola Faustino

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