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It is normal, if not sweet, to sometimes get jealous in a relationship. You want your partner to yourself so naturally, a few things will cause you to become somewhat territorial. But, there’s a limit. It becomes toxic when your jealousy cannot be quenched by simple explanation and you just cannot let certain things go. Sometimes, a jealous person does not even realise they are becoming too aggressive and if this happens with your lover, here are things you can do to help them through the situation without out rightly breaking up.

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Be a more patient partner
Love is patient. Hence, develop patience within yourself. Don’t be easily angered or irritated when your partner is getting jealous. If your partner gives you jealousy, calm yourself and give him patience in return. Grow yourself and be a more patient person. This way, you will inspire your partner to also grow as a person, as well as your relationship.

Develop humility
A jealous person is a doubtful person. They will not trust you easily and may treat you as an untrustworthy person. But don’t be offended easily. Try to be more humble. Perhaps, your efforts are not just enough to convince them that they can trust you. Pride cannot manage jealousy, but humility will. By becoming more humble, you will realize that there are still more to learn.

Be open, not too defensive
A jealous person is a confused person trying to get some enlightenment from their significant other. That is why they will ask you questions, not to condemn you, but to re-establish their trust in you. Hence, be open and honest. Putting some walls is not the way to deal with their jealousy. It will only make further misunderstanding and make the situation worse.

Be kind and warm
If you think that your lover is always jealous, it might be because you are always being cold and bad-tempered around them. To inspire your partner to change, you also have to change their environment. Rather than being cold and ill-tempered, always be kind and warm around them.

Make him feel valued and special
Treasure and honour them Don’t hide your partner like an embarrassing item, but introduce them to your parents, friends, and colleagues. This will make him improve their self-esteem and help them get rid of jealous and insecurity.

Be sincere
It might be fun playing with them when they are expressing their fears. However, you have to realize that your partner isn’t a toy, and just like every person in the world, whether a guy or a girl, they don’t want to be played like a fool. Thus, deal with your partner’s jealousy with sincerity. Be careful with their heart and mind. Try to address their jealous feelings with maturity.

Please note that if your partner becomes violent and abusive, then you have to find ways to protect yourself and seek help for them.

By Damilola Faustino

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