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By Damilola Faustino

In many Nigerian universities, sexual harassment is the order of the day. Lecturers who are supposed to be role models demand sexual favours from female students to give them grades whether they do well or not. The options for the students in such situations in the past were very limited but with the advent of the digital age, they can easily find ideal solutions to deal with this gorry situation.

sexual harassment

A typical example is the case of Richard Akindele, a Professor of Management and Accounting at the Obafemi Awolowo University whose sexual harassment intentions over the phone were recorded by a female student. Their conversation was shared on social media and the lecturer was clearly soliciting for sex. This is a case among many. So if you find yourself in such a situation, here are basic steps you can take to save yourself:

Make yourself clear

Certain lecturers have the perception that since they have the power to do and undo, they can sexually harass any female student that attracts their interest. On your part, do not be rude, be firm and make yourself clear that you are not interested and not in for such. Do not in anyway encourage them!

Tell close friends

The truth is you cannot handle the situation on your own. You will be frustrated, withdrawn and confused. However, if you tell your close friends about it, they can offer tangible advice on what to do. Plus they can be your alibi if the situation escalates.

Escalate to the university authorities

If the lecturer is determined and persistent and he still patronises you for sex, it is time to escalate to the university authorities. You should start from your department by penning a letter to the Head of Department and if the department is lethargic, you should write to the dean of students. This depends on your university’s hierarchical structure.

Take advantage of gadgets and social media

Remember, if you accuse someone of a crime, you will be asked for evidence. So, know that there is nothing wrong in baiting someone who wants to sexually harass you. You can record your conversation either audio or video. And if everything has failed, you can then hit social media and share on your platforms.

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