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Whether you work from home or you have created a space for things you enjoy doing like drawing, crafting or writing, your home office is supposed to be a place you draw creativity and inspiration from to get the job done while still being comfortable.

Here are a few tips on how to update your work space and how to create your dream space

1.  You could glam up your home office by refreshing your lighting, an eye catching lamp would do great at adding a glamorous and yet professional feel to your space.

2. Adding a little green to your home office space is a great way to breathe life into your space and you’ll end up wanting to stay longer and get more work done. Small plants can add a great effect, they look lovely, they are good at cleaning the air and a good number of them are low maintenance.

3. Getting artsy is also a great way to improve your home office space, fill and decorate your office with vibrant art and images that speak to you, getting a colorful rug for your floor space for that added beautiful, vibrant and yet soothing effect.

3. Make use of Neutral walls and floor and pair it with a beautiful gallery wall hung against your neutral wall, this adds a cozy and yet simple working space. But most importantly let your space stay clean and organized, also let light into your space this works great for optimization.

By: Oretha Chukwukere

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