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Monday morning in Lagos is unbelievably stressful and erratic. The danfo bus drivers increase their fares, and you have to contend with so many people are at the bus stops to get a ride. Everyone seems to be in so much of a hurry that they don’t care if they push you off the way. Obviously, you cannot escape this except you decide to stay home on Mondays, which might be impossible, depending on your job. Here are ways to help you deal with Monday mornings in Lagos:

danfo bus

—Try to leave home as early possible

This is still the ultimate way of escaping monday morning stress in the ever busy city of Lagos. Leave home as early as possible. The safest time is 5 am. This time can change depending on your location in the city. Even at 5 am, there will already be so many people at the bus stop. Leaving early therefore, enables you to beat the traffic, get a bus early and arrive at your destination in good time.

—If you don’t have a car, go with your neighbour or friend

Having a car in Lagos is a necessity rather than a luxury. So you need one to be mobile. If you have a car, it reduces 50 per cent of Monday stress. If you do not have a car, then don’t miss your neighbour or friend every morning.

—Take BRT buses 

Since BRT buses have a special and dedicated lane, you don’t need to subject yourself to the shenanigans of danfo, which can stop more than 10 times to pick and drop passengers as well as increase bus fares according to their whims and caprices. With BRT, all these are eliminated.

—Be extremely patient

If you are not patient on a Monday morning in Lagos, you may end up in fisticuffs with someone else. This is because everyone seems to be rushing somewhere and this may lead to someone stepping on you or bashing your car. So, be very patient if you want to have a pleasant day.

—Avoid danfos without a conductor

Conductors are individuals who call out to passengers the destination the bus is heading. If it doesn’t have a conductor, do not take such a bus. It will delay you. The only time you will enjoy a bus without a conductor is when the driver says he is driving straight to your destination without stopping. This quite impossible.

—Be security conscious

Don’t just jump into any bus you see on the road. The bus must be painted the yellow colour of Lagos commercial buses, and the gender in the bus must be mixed. At least there should be a few females in the bus.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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