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Failure can be devastating and we all try to avoid at any cost. But even though you give your very best to succeed, you cannot help but fail every once in a while. Failure is an integral part of life. It cannot be avoided, but it can be beneficial. Here’s how:


It strengthens your character

Living on the bright side of life is quite easy. There are no challenges, nothing that could ever throw you out of your comfort zone. But at the same time, stagnation sneaks in. There are not many opportunities to grow as a person. Nothing to shape one’s character. It’s a comfortable life, but you don’t learn anything. Being confronted with failure is an important test of character. It challenges your determination to succeed. And admittedly, it takes quite a lot of courage to continue the pursuit of success.

It is the greatest teacher

Success isn’t much of a great teacher. As Bill Gates once said, it’s a lousy teacher because it makes people think they cannot lose. Consequently, if one were to believe that one cannot lose, one becomes complacent. And complacency makes people reactive instead of being proactive about their pursuit of success. Failure, however, can teach you many valuable lessons. If you so want, it can teach you more lessons about being successful than success itself.

Indicates areas of improvement

There are these chapters in life where you are led to believe that everything you do turns out to be a success. You are living life with your heads in the clouds. In these situations, failure can provide an important reality check. Not only will it bring your feet back to the ground, but it will also show you without mercy where you are at.

Gives you the opportunity to begin again

Luckily for you, you can always get back up after we have been defeated. Failure does not imply that you can have a try again. Quite the contrary is the case. You are not living in a one-shot only world without second chances. There are many opportunities to try again after a failure. Even more so, a failure helps you to try again, but this time more intelligently than before.

Helps you to live your full potential

To push your boundaries, to overcome your limitations, to reach your potential and to make the impossible possible, failure cannot be feared. If you truly want to reach your personal best, you have to be willing to live through failure after failure until you reach your goals. Embrace failure as the necessary steppingstone to the highest levels of success.

Makes you appreciate your successes

Just imagine everything you do turns out to be a great success. Wouldn’t it be exciting to succeed at everything you do? It would certainly be pretty interesting to turn everything into gold for a certain while. The problem with this is that one will be less able to truly appreciate one success

By Damilola Faustino

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