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If you feel lost or unfulfilled, these exercises could help you work out what you should be doing with your life. ‘Follow your passion’ has become a well-worn phrase. But what happens if you don’t know what your passion is? This isn’t just an issue for those beginning their careers, it can be a problem for those stuck in jobs that they don’t enjoy. It’s all too easy to fall into a routine that leaves you bored or unfulfilled: you want to make the switch but you’re not sure what to. These five exercises could help you find your true passion in life.


Ask yourself these three simple questions

Finding your passion could be easier than you think. By answering these questions honestly, you could work out what to do with the rest of your life. “What subject could I read 500 books about without getting bored?”, “What could I do for five years straight without getting paid?” and “What would I spend my time doing if I had complete financial abundance to do anything?”

Don’t presume that your passion should be your job

Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing. There are a lot of things worth doing that will never bring you money. You don’t have to be great at something to be passionate about it. If you can’t imagine not doing something, it’s a passion. It doesn’t have to be a moneymaker. Make your money some way that will give you the time for what you really love to do.

Work out what you hate doing

List the jobs or tasks that you absolutely dislike. Once you have eliminated these options, your true passion may become more clear. You can create a list of the people you are jealous of to get more clarity on the issue. Ask this question: who do I envy the most due to the work they do? List multiple individuals, then look at the work they do, and try those things. You might find your passion from that list.

Find the things you are mediocre at

Even if they don’t possess exceptional skills at any one thing, most people have lots of specialisms that they are okay at. If you fuse your mediocre skills together, you’ll find your passion. Say you’re an average artist, with a decent sense of humour, you won’t have much hope with an art degree, and you can’t study ‘humour’ as a subject. But you could be an awesome cartoonist.

Forget the eureka moment

Inspiration may strike some people in an instant. Suddenly, they know what they should be doing with their lives. For others, it takes work. You should spend 20 minutes each day thinking about the things that have interested you recently, or any opportunities that you have spotted. Your true passion is not found overnight but is realised through a series of discoveries of small interests.
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Try asking close friends and family what they think you should be doing with your life. But don’t put people on the spot, as they may rush their answers.

Remember what you loved doing as a child

Did you love to draw or write stories when you were young? Try to remember the activities that you enjoyed during your childhood, before the pressure to study the right subjects or get a good job began to mount. What hobbies did you enjoy doing before life got in the way? Would you enjoy those activities now? Use these memories to help you find your true passion as an adult. Perhaps you still have hobbies now. Could you expand on them so they take more of a center stage in your life?

By Damilola Faustino

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