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You just landed a new job, and you’re understandably eager to make a good impression on both your boss and your colleagues. Clearly, you know that first impressions are important as this can go a long way in determining how you are going to be perceived for the time you spend with the company. So take it easy and don’t try too hard. Here are some tips for easing into your new job.

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Don’t rush it

When you get a new job, you always want to impress everyone in order to show that you are the right person for the job. Hence, they are in a rush, Don’t be. Take your time getting to know your colleagues and take-in the culture for a while before you start overworking yourself.

Give compliments

Learn to give compliments to people. It’s not hard to tell someone that you think that they did a great job. They will definitely appreciate your compliments and in turn, may give you one back. Mutual appreciation feels good.

Avoid gossiping

When you first start a job, there are certain office environments where you are treated with suspicion if you didn’t indulge in gossip notwithstanding if you are new or not. But the bottom line is, gossiping can lead to big problems. First, it’s risky to gossip when you don’t even know all the players yet. Second, if you’re good at it, you could get a reputation that is not easy to shake off in the eyes of those who make the promoting decisions.

Be a quick study

Take lots of notes when your colleagues or superiors are instructing you. Although it’s tempting to act like you absorb information instantly, in the long run, people don’t want you coming back and asking the same questions all over again.

Take the initiative

Many companies have clearly outlined training strategies in which they schedule you in blocks of time. If you find you have free time between appointments, don’t just sit around and drink coffee. Use that time to ask questions about what you’ve already learned or do some online research.

A good impression

Ultimately, the best advice you can take is to use the first weeks to know and gather information about your new job and its processes. This is the best way to make an indelible impression on your boss and co-workers.

Avoid arguments

Don’t try to start arguments with the people you work with! Sometimes, people may have differing opinions from yours and that is completely okay. Keep your drama separate from the workplace, and people will like being around you.

By Damilola Faustino

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