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To get entry into most clubs, you have to pay. However, there are some situations where you just don’t feel like paying but you still want to gain access to the fun. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are broke. This said, if you want to access a club for free and don’t want the bouncer to throw you out, here are tips to make this possible. But it is advisable that you should always pay:

club bouncerYou should know a bouncer or a member of the club staff

You can easily get a pass to a party if you know a bouncer or a member of the staff of the club. You may just tip the bouncer because he is your friend and not as a bribe.

club ticket

Reach out to the promoter to give you a free ticket

If you know the promoter of the concert or party, you should reach out to him to give you a free ticket or preferably, you can go with him to the venue of the party. This is a straight pass to the party.

club earely

Pretend you have already been in once

You can pretend as if you are already inside when you actually have not. And if you are asked questions about your pass or ticket, you should give a convincing response like you left it in your bag inside. You may be lucky and be allowed in. You have to be very careful if you plan on doing this.

Club DJ

Get on the guest DJ’s list

A disc jockey is very important to any party because he/she will be the one to dish out the music. So, try to get on the list or entourage of the DJ because if you are with him and he attests to this fact, you cannot be stopped.

August 2015 - Young women stand in line to get into to a popular club in the Meatpacking district.

Go with girls

There are some parties that allow guys entry if they come with certain number of girls. So, bring your girlfriend and encourage her to bring her friends along. However, know that the girls have to pay.

club earely

Get there really early
This is perhaps the easiest. When you get there early, nobody stops you from entering because they are not ready yet. There will be no bouncer or doormen at the entrance. However, when the event or party is about to kickoff, everyone in the room will be asked to exit so that they can check-in persons with tickets. In this case, you have to probably go to the pub to wait to avoid leaving the hall.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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