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just friends

The ‘friend zone’ is almost everyone’s nightmare (that’s if you both don’t agree on it). The worst bit is if there are real feelings (not just “oh he’s cute, whatever”) and the guy or girl sees you just as a ‘brother’, ‘sister’ or ‘friend’. If you are among those that are trying really hard to leave the friend zone, we got your back. It is time to sum up the courage to leave that zone or die trying (just kidding).


escape the friend zone

First, you have to decide if it is worth the risk. Changing the status from friend to boy/girlfriend may have some repercussions. If things don’t work out, you could lose a friend forever. If you feel it is worth the risk then begin your gradual descent into the ‘maybe-boy/girlfriend realm’

The next thing to do after making the decision to leave the friend zone is to start going on dates. Not the romantic Eiffel tower deal. You don’t want to scare the person off with overwhelming feelings so start small. It could begin with going to a concert together, or the movies. You probably already do this as friends so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Just make it more often and make sure that either of you don’t have ‘extra baggage’ friends tagging along.


Friend Zone

Don’t be this guy. Never be this guy.


If the person is still isn’t reciprocating start hanging out with other people from the opposite sex. Make them feel like they are not the only other gender friends that you have. There is nothing as good as giving people sense like jealousy.  When other girls or guys find you attractive, soon enough your potential bae friend might as well.

If again this doesnt work too, gather all the courage of your ancestors and tell them how you feel upfront. This way you save yourself the heartache of just wondering. If they feel the same way, then you guys can ride off into the sunset together. If not, listen ehn, at this point all you can do is just take heart. I’m sure the right girl or guy will come along. One that you don’t have to put up a signboard explaining how you feel. So get back out there and find your bae!


Written by Nkem Ikeh

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