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It’s almost the end of 2020 and you should be coming up with your New Year resolutions. For those of us who may be extra sentimental, getting over an ex may be on that list. No judgment here. Need help? Keep reading for tips on how to get over someone.

Take your time to wallow a little 

Grieving is part of the process of healing. Sure, no one died (and you won’t either), but you need to acknowledge that you’ve experienced a loss. Feel whatever it is that you need to feel but don’t repress them.

Delete them off of your social media

If you follow your ex on social media, then you can see what they’re doing almost as they’re doing it and with whom. Don’t punish yourself. They’re trying to move on or already have and you just don’t need to watch their process.

how to get over someone

Keep reading for more on how to get over someone

Delete their phone number

Don’t set yourself up if you know you’re almost always about to call them. Put someone else on speed dial such as your best friend, brother or mom. Delete their number to avoid temptation.

Stop talking to their friends

Why? Because they can tell you really want to talk about your ex. Save face and protect your dignity. If there are things left unsaid between you and your ex, then have a mature conversation with them and not their friends. Don’t go fishing for answers they’re in no position to give you.

Focus on self-care

Focus on your mental and physical health and work on your personal self-development. Learn a new skill or something. Just make yourself better. It will renew your perception of yourself. But also remember that you are enough no matter what.

Examine your failed relationship

Figure out what wasn’t working and make sure the next person you date, isn’t like your ex. Even if your ex broke up with you and you thought everything was great, there will still be signs indicating that not everything was as it seemed. This may be hard to do, but be objective.

Delete Your Picture Archives

Don’t throw everything out because you’re angry. BUT don’t let triggers lie around or be in your face. Guard your heart by guarding your eyes and ears.

And that’s how to get over someone.


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