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By Oludara Ogunbowale

Oludara OgunbowaleWhen I heard that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were engaged, I was elated that another Royal wedding was underway! So many thoughts ran through my mind. How did they meet? How has their relationship been? Can this beautiful lady withstand the pressures of being a member of the Royal family? Is she really cut out for this? Would their marriage last? That is just the very analytical me in my thoughts but again, I am happy. Come on, Harry has been in the News a lot about one relationship or the other over the past few years so being with Meghan makes us say ‘ah, finally!’

Prince Harry, now Duke of Sussex says the stars are aligned in the favour of himself and Meghan and he did not think that their courtship was some sort of ‘Whirlwind Romance’ as the American Press tagged it. Meghan tells that Prince Harry is kind and has the same goals and passion as her which formed a bulk of their conversations on their first date. This reinforced my knowledge of being with someone of a like mind. So if you are yet to be in a relationship, you might want to nibble on just a few points I learnt from the relationship of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle:

  • Have friends who really know you!

Don’t even say ‘who friend epp?’ Learn from Prince Harry and Meghan. Only a friend who knows you can suggest whom they think would make a great pair with you. This means that having well cultivated friendships come with its own reward. Cultivating great relationships takes some level of transparency, vulnerability and effort otherwise you would just have a circle of acquaintances who cannot really boast of their knowledge of you. This takes a high level of selectivity when choosing these kind of friends too. Those who have your best interests at heart and cannot wait to proudly tell anyone who cares to know that you are a great person. (Just make sure that you are really an amazing person!)

prince harry and meghan markle

  • Be True to yourself

This may sound very cliché, but the phrase is as invaluable as it can get. Do what you are happy about. Pursue your passion. Do what you love and try as much as possible to do things from the integrity of your heart. Meghan had been involved with charity before she met Harry. She has been an activist since she was an adolescent. Harry did not have it all together at that time but he also knew he had more to give especially after his time as an undercover soldier in Afghanistan with other soldiers when he asked to be treated as a normal soldier with no special preferences. Somehow, they found a passion point and built on it!

  • Better be with someone who thinks highly of you and who inspires you to be better

Prince Harry thinks that Meghan is very beautiful and has got her game together. He had heard that she gave a speech at a UN forum and immediately he saw her across the room on their first date, he said he knew he had to up his game. Meghan thinks Prince Harry is very kind and a man who has a heart for affecting lives positively and changing the world. That’s huge. If anyone makes you think little of yourself and belittles you frequently, I don’t know what you are still considering…

  • When It’s time, it’s time

Their first date was in July 2016.  Though they were taken to each other on their first date, they admit they fell in love on their third date. He had introduced her already to the Royal family about a year after in 2017 and they announced their engagement in November 2017 to the public. So if he or she is serious, there is no hiding anything and he would not court you for twenty years (Okay, I am exaggerating but I am serious too) and turn you to Ancient of Days or Lord of the rings!

Being single is being busy with Life and your passion with no inhibitions and there’s no better way to go in marriage than to find or be found by the person who admires and is ready to support those passions.

The Fairy tale Wedding has come and gone and Marriage has really begun for the two of them and we can only wish them the best.

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