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Finding someone, anyone, the perfect present is hard. And when you want to go beyond a piece of luggage or tech stocking stuffers, the stakes get even higher. As for giving the gift of travel? That might be the trickiest and most personal gift of all. Ace the process and someone may always see you as the reason they cruised to an amazing destination. It’s a slippery slope—but it’s one worth navigating. That’s because experiences lead to greater levels of happiness than material goods do, People are happiest when they feel socially connected with others—and often that requires disconnection from the routine and the mundane of the day-to-day. Here are ways give the gift of travel.

travel valentine gift

Don’t plan a full trip for someone else

Imagine someone booked a trip for you—reservations and all—handed it to you, and you thought, “I really don’t want to do that.” It happens. Plus, the reason Nigerians don’t use all of their vacation days is often that of temporal constraints. Taking time out of your schedule takes effort, and if you take the liberty of choosing when someone travels, you could be imposing stress unknowingly. Just make sure to have a chat with the travel specialist before you present your gift to ensure that your financial figure is in the right range.

Be creative with gift certificates

Airline vouchers can be restrictive, since they often only apply to a single airline, and hotel certificates can come with blackout dates. If you’re dead set on giving someone something more tangible, consider purchasing a travel certificate which can be used later for booking. Do not forget to be creative with it.

Plan something toward the end of their trip

When we remember events, we’re most likely to look back at the way they end. It’s called the peak-end effect, and it lends itself wonderfully to gift giving: a massage at the last hotel someone stays at, a final dinner in a faraway city before a morning flight home.

Gift an Instagram-worthy excursion

Giving someone surf lessons on a trip they already have planned. It is the memorable moments of trips that tend to stick with us.
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Since we tend to photograph “peak experiences,” they prove a big part of making a trip a lasting one. Remember to keep your recipient’s interests in mind. It seems like a no-brainer. Gift givers tend to give things that they like without taking into account what the recipient likes.

By Damilola Faustino

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