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Every man wants to be able to grow a thick beard or mustache from the age they realize they should be able to. There are a few major factors that influence how much you’ll have, including genetics, hormones, nationality, injuries, nutrition and certain medications you get. While you cannot fight nature and your genes there are a few things you can do to get the facial hair to grow faster.


Give your beard the tools to grow

It might sound obvious, but a diet high in protein, with less stress and more sleep, can help you grow a faster beard. Stress is one of the contributing factors of hair loss and will reverse the effects in men of any age. Protein gives your body the right nutrients to grow more hair, and sleep is the necessary time to put it all into place. Even drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day will help keep the growth thick and healthy.

Commit to growing a beard

The next problem men face when trying to grow a beard faster is unreasonable expectations. It is almost impossible to wake up one morning with a fully-fledged beard, but you can begin to see growth over a few days. When tempted to shave it all off, remember that it will take time and that you are taking active steps in the right downward direction. Most men move out of the itchy, growing in phase by the end of the week, so focus on something else and it will arrive faster.

Work with the facial hair you have

Just because the beard is not super long yet, or where you want it to be, does not mean you can’t enjoy the growth that you have. Embrace each new growth phase as a time to test out new styles, and enjoy growing from stubble into substantial growth. Keeping the beard trim is also a great technique for creating the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Long, straggly hair is not going to look good on anyone.

Fill in the blanks

If like many men, you suffer patchy facial hair, consider filling in the blanks with beard products that give the appearance of thicker beards. This will immediately draw the eye to the area and make it look as if there is more hair than there is.
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Most of the time, celebrities keep their beards short and thick and use this approach. You would be surprised how short some beards actually are, but it’s actually their presence that carries the greatest of weight.

Keep your beard in good condition

Once you have grown your beard, keeping it in top condition will prevent the need to trim it off and start again. Castor oil is a great conditioning treatment that promotes hair growth and will keep your beard moving in the right direction. Apply castor oil at night before you go to bed (a towel will help prevent staining), and wash off in the morning. Keep this ritual daily until the hair shows successful growth, and then move to a weekly régime.

By Damilola Faustino

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