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By Halima Bakenne

One thing I think a lot of women can relate to, is spending an incredibly long amount of time looking for, and not finding, that particular piece of clothing on the exact day you want to wear it. So naturally, a solution that works will be welcome. Most times, this scenario that delays a lot of us can be avoided by simply ensuring that our wardrobes are kept tidy at all times. Here are four easy tips on how to keep a tidy wardrobe and find everything you are looking for:


Clean It Out;

Empty your wardrobe of every piece of clothing and clean it out – either by sweeping or using a rag to dust. This gives you a proper view of all that you have and in what way you would like to arrange them in your wardrobe. Having done this, fold every clothing item out on a flat surface, preferably your bed, to give you an overall view of everything.


After folding, you need to sort everything out. Sort all your clothes out in groups; put the jeans together, blouses and tops on one side, pants in another batch. This gives you the inspiration on how to actually arrange them, and in what order.


This is the easy part in keeping a tidy wardrobe. You have cleaned and sorted everything out, now it’s time for you to arrange them in the wardrobe the way that is easiest for you. Here’s a tip for that; arrange your clothes in the order of your favorite piece of clothing. If you wear a lot of casual outfits, ensure they are either at the top of your pile or they are easiest to reach when dressing up. This helps to prevent you from scattering your wardrobe every time you are looking for an outfit.


This is extremely important in keeping a tidy wardrobe. Whenever you pick an outfit or piece of clothing and you later decide against it, ensure that you replace it to the exact spot you picked it up. That way, you know where to go the next time you want to wear that particular clothing item.

The same thing applies when you bring in finished laundry; replace each item in the batch they are supposed to be. Don’t pick something from Lagos and put it in Sokoto when you are done. If you want to spice things up, you can move an entire category of clothing to another side of your wardrobe to give it a new look.

For that wardrobe that looks like a battleground, follow these tips and you will appreciate how amazing and put together your wardrobe will look.

Remember that the key to keeping and maintaining a tidy wardrobe is to keep a religious routine.

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