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2018 has come and gone, a year of colourful styles and beautiful fashionable trends. 2019 is here and we’re prepped to do it bigger and better.

To amp your style notches higher this year, you need only a few simple tricks. As they say, the smallest details make all the difference.

1) Always wear to fit

annie idibia

Wearing and undersized or oversized outfit can throw your well thought out style game of balance so make sure you follow the rule of fit by investing in clothes your size or get them well tailored to fit.

2) Accessorize More

kemi adetiba

This year, concentrate a little more on accessories. A simple brooch attached can shoot your outfit up from a 2 straight to an 8. Accessories can also help identify your signature look for example a particular shade or design of a tie or a lapel pin. So in 2019, buy more bracelets and watches, lapel pins, ties, pocket squares e.t.c

3) Invest In More Interchangeable Pieces

denola grey lagos fashion week 2018

We know just how catchy colourful cloth items are but investing in muted colours will serve you more this year. Take for instance a white or black shirt would go with almost any colour of pants or skirt while a purple one, well you can only match with just a particular shade of clothing. The trick hence is your get as much interchangeable pieces and them up with some color.

4) Revamp Your Old Wardrobe

closet revamp

Style trends are forever going and returning so learn to take good care of your oldies. Launder properly, store neatly, invest in shoe polishes and sprays to keep your footwear shiny and spiffy.

5) Channel The Inner You

mercy aigbe

Look deeply inside of you this year. What really appeals to you, what aspects of fashion do you gravitate towards. With so many fashion ideas saturating the internet, it’s easy to get lost following the wave hither, thither. Learn to find you and allow it flow and show in your style. Also, take care of your body more, drink more water, exercise, smile more and remember to always stay positive.

Happy New Year!

By Sarah Oyedo

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