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Many of us have gone through the stress of boiling or frying an egg without knowing that it is bad.

Some have gone as far as eating it before they realised it was bad. The smell that greets you once you crack a spoilt egg is enough to spoil your entire day. It quickly fills your kitchen and then your entire house.

Here is how you determine if your egg is bad by simply carrying out the egg water test.


The Egg water test

Fill a bowl with water, place the egg in it. If the egg sinks like a stone, lying down on its side — it’s still very fresh.

If it sinks but doesn’t lay flat but rather it is standing up and wobbling, it means your egg is just okay for consumption.

If the egg floats to the top, that’s it is a sign that it is highly possible that your egg is bad.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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