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By Damilola Faustino

Respect is very important in any relationship. In fact, it is one of the ways to know if your partner truly loves you, as a partner that loves you will always respect you. Here are six signs to know that your partner loves you:


They are not overbearing 

If your partner isn’t trying to control who you go out with or who you choose to interact with, that’s a good sign that they respect and trust you. They are confident in your relationship and believe in you not to overstep any boundaries that you’ve already set.

They are honest with you

A good partner will never try to shield you from bad news because they know it will make you sad or upset. They will be sincere with you if something’s wrong and that shows they respect your intelligence and ability to make decisions. It also shows that they’re confident enough in your relationship to be fully and completely honest with you.

They listen to you

A committed partner listens carefully to their significant other and replies accordingly. They don’t just wait for you to finish so that they can say their bit. If they really listen and engage, that’s a good sign that they have a lot of respect for you.

They are proud of your achievement

A good soulmate will know the goals you set for yourself and they will support you on your way to them. Once you achieve those goals, your partner will be obviously proud of you, and maybe even talk about your great achievements to their friends. That’s a sign that they truly care about your development as a person and your personal happiness.

They are dependable

If your partner makes you wait for hours on your date night, or never responds to your texts, that’s a sign that they aren’t really invested in your relationship. A good, respectable lover will know what your needs are and they wouldn’t flake out on your plans. They also wouldn’t ignore your texts or calls, because talking to you wouldn’t be a job for them.

They fight fair

Even with the most successful relationships, fights erupt every now and again. And that’s normal when two personalities clash! That being said, respect should never take a back seat. A respectful partner will fight fairly, without using derogatory remarks and no physical violence. They will try to listen to your argument and respond rationally – that’s a big sign of respect.

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