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Not everything in life is meant to last forever and unfortunately that includes friendships too. We’ve all had dreams about taking over the world with our friends by our side but most of the time, this isn’t the case and it’s okay really. Sometimes things just fizzle out. Here are a few signs you might notice when your relationship is close to hitting the rocks:

-Communication is lop-sided: The first thing you’ll notice is that all forms of communication are now your responsibility. If you don’t initiate communication, your friend is way too comfortable with  the silence.

-They are no longer your go to person: When you need someone to confide in, babble about something or just break some news to and you’re not naturally driven to tell them, that might be your brain preparing you for a possible separation.

-Plans are postponed: It’s normal for friends to experience busy periods where plans to hang out are being cancelled, but when they don’t consider rescheduling such plans then there’s a red flag. It simply shows that your friendship with them has taken a back seat.
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-There’s a new replacement: If your friend has a new friend with whom he/she invests all her time and energy in and is spending less and less time with you then it might be time for you too to find a new friend.

-You’re the last one to know: Are you finding out important things about them from other people, social media or even worse, you don’t find out about it till it’s long past? Then it’s clear that you both no longer consider each other close enough to have the privilege of hearing the news first.

-Opposite teams: When the going is good, you naturally stick to the same teams, share the same point of view and even defend each other. When your friendship is beginning to fade, you’ll notice that you both don’t see it necessary to defend each other and will openly take on opposite sides.
Written by Treasure Asanammy

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