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Roommates! We’ve all at some point in life had to share a space with someone or people who aren’t necessarily related to us by blood. Some experiences were pleasant and we’ve made live long friends. And other experiences… well, let’s not even go there. Here, we share some tips on how to live with roommates!

Living with people other than family can be quite challenging sometimes as we all have different characters and personalities. Some people get lucky and get paired with roommate(s) they are compatible with while some others end up with sloppy, loud or weird roommates and can’t wait for the end of session to change rooms. Here we present to you tips and tricks of how to live with roommates, no matter how versatile they are:

-To avoid people taking your stuff without your permission, make it “verbally” clear that they must request your permission for even the tiniest of things, they might resent you for this but it will keep their hands off.

-When your food goes missing more than you can overlook, kindly ask them to replace it or pay you the equivalent to serve as a warning.

-If the room is filthy from their mess, drop them subtle messages like how you wish the room wouldn’t smell so damp or tell them how the sight of dirty dishes really just churns your stomach.

-Your roommate practically has their friends over all the time making it inconvenient for you? Give them a taste of their own medicine by having your own friends over too and let the fun begin!

-Are there loud unnecessarily with their movements, music and phone calls when you want to sleep or need your quiet time? Save yourself the stress of talking and buy a good pair of ear muffs.

-If your roommate is one who is passionate (obsessive actually) about their own point of view, back out of the argument and let them have their way. At the end of the day, whatever you’re arguing about probably isn’t that important and not worth having a passive aggressive roommate to deal with.

-Have an agreed stipulated time of how long you will away from the room when their significant other visits and send them a phone call reminder when their time is almost up.

-There’s always that roommate that literally takes up all the space in the room with unnecessary items, have a clear demarcation of where their space starts and end and push back on any spill overs.

-When your roommate is a compliance officer and seems to take on the role of your mom, instead of getting angry and insisting that you’re your own boss, calm down. Be thankful, listen and learn they might just be looking out for your own good.

-They constantly misplace their key and always want to share yours? Gift them a big and conspicuous key holder that will difficult to lose.

-There’s that roommate whose drama and mood swings is always over the roof, rather than walking on eggshells just not to offend them, ignore their existence and leave them in their world.

-If your roommate takes forever to shower and simply does not hasten no more how many times you knock, consider slipping into the bathroom just when are getting ready.

Anything we missed on how to live with roommates or you need special help about? Let us know in the comments below.


Written by Treasure Asanammy 

Image: HuffingtonPost

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