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The biggest excuse for letting our weights go during the festive period is that we were far away from the gym. So we bring to you exercises that you can do to lose the arm fat and/or stay toned this season.

arm fat


pull up

Back, chest, shoulders and abdominal muscles, as well as the biceps and lower arms are targeted in this exercise routine. However, for optimal result you need a bar higher than your head to grab with your hands.


arm circles

The definition of a mobile exercise routine, it can be done anywhere and at any time and very effective in helping you lose arm fat without weights. All you need is a comfortable straight out to the sides, be sure they are held parallel to the ground. Rotate your arms in small circular motions; in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction, do this for as long as you want.


bench dips

“Triple delight workout routine” is what I like to call this, it works on your legs, thighs and arm muscles and it is very straightforward. You lose arm fat without weights faster if you do this religiously.



Your arms, legs and thigh muscles are in for a stretch here! I love it though because it is quite fun to do as it makes me feel like my body is turning into a scissors. Stretch your arms to the side and bring them back to your front, with either one overlapping the other, making an open scissors impression. Return them to the side again and bring them back to the front, this time have your other arm overlapping the other (reversing the position of your arms from the earlier step), and you are done! But it’s a very fun routine, you can do it till you get exhausted.

The amazing thing about the above routines is that they can all be done easily in your house without wasting your time. Say NO to church mother arms this holiday season!

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