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By Daniel Ugbang

People are definitely more open to making friendships at the beginning of freshman year,” said George Wojick, a sophomore from Washington D.C. This initial eagerness wears off once people get more settled in their friend groups, so there is a bit of a rush to make friends at the start of the college experience. “But it’s not as though you loose that window of opportunity later,” Wojick added. “You don’t need to find everyone you’ll ever hang out with in college.”


With that in mind, here are 5 simple tips to making friends at college:

  1. Be yourself

No matter which college you go to, there will be people who share your interests and personality. It is important that you let your personality shine through so that your friends will be drawn to who you are as a person. You won’t really want to be friends with people who you can’t be yourself around.

  1. Use the dorm to your advantage

Dorms are filled with other college freshmen going through similar experiences, eager to make friends. Many dorms have common rooms, where events are organized simply to help freshmen meet other freshmen. Know that dorm mates can bond over shared feelings. If you’re missing home, you can talk about that, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s someone else in the building who feels the same way as you.

  1. 3. Be interesting

In order to stick out in the crowd, it helps to have something unique — be it a personality trait or a hobby. Whether it’s your propensity for strategy games like chess/scrabble or affinity for Sport shows reenactments, talking about those unique traits will ensure that people remember who you are.

  1. Eat meals with people

Throughout history, from gatherings of agricultural communities to the Tomatina in Spain — people have bonded over food. College is no different; a meal is a great way to get closer to a new friend or chat with an old one.

Just as family should sit down and eat at the dinner table once in a while, friends should, too,” I recommend.

  1. Try to know a little about everything

It is impossible to predict what people you’ll meet or what conversations you’ll have. Knowing about the things people talk about can prepare you for any introduction. For instance, you may not know the MVP of the Super Eagles, but it may help to know what football is.

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