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By Damilola Faustino

Gbegiri soup is a Yoruba delicacy prepared with beans. To get the best out of Gbegiri Soup, you are encouraged to add Ewedu Soup. The best swallow to eat Gbegiri soup with is amala although you can also take it with any swallow of choice.



Ingredients for Gbegiri Soup

Brown Beans


Smoked fish, meat

Palm oil


Salt and seasoning


Placed the peeled and soaked beans into a pot. Pour water to cover the beans and start cooking over medium heat.

Cook the beans till they become so soft that it practically melts when you mash it with your fingers. This takes about 1 hour. You will need to top up the water from time to time but make sure the water is always at the same level as the beans.

Mash the very soft beans. You can also blend it with your kitchen blender for a very smooth consistency.

When it is smooth, add the smoked fish, salt, seasoning, pepper, crayfish, meat and palm oil.

Cover the pot and cook for about 5 minutes or till the oil blends with the rest of the ingredients. This is when the oil changes from red to yellow.

Stir intermittently to prevent burning.

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