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By Damilola Faustino

Boiled yam and fried eggs are a classic Nigerian breakfast. Yam Pancakes are a creative way of redefining this well-loved Nigerian breakfast in Pancake form. It is plainly boiled and served with stew, omelets and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Here is how to make Nigerian Yam pancake:

yam pancake

Nigerian Yam Pancake Recipe


Tuber small yam

Medium eggs

Onion, crayfish

Vegetable oil

Seasoning, salt and pepper

Small flour (optional)


Peel and grate yam with the smaller holes in your box grater or a food processor.

Break the eggs and whisk well. Add the remaining ingredients to the grated yam and mix together. Add some sprinkling of flour if the mixture is watery.

Place a pan on low-medium heat with little oil and fry small scoops of yam batter till the sides are cooked and golden brown. Flip and also cook the other side. Do the same until the batches are done.

Serve warm drizzled with stew, tomato sauce or ketchup, as well as other sides.

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