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By Damilola Faustino

Suits are quite expensive and not everyone can afford the designer labels. But, you can still buy an affordable one and through your efforts, you can make your suit appear expensive. Below are some of the cheats to achieve this:


Replace the buttons

One of the first things you should do to make your suit look expensive is to replace the buttons with some exclusive, well designed ones. Head to a store, you would find plenty of them.

Go safe/classic with colours

Richness doesn’t come with colour. Unless you want to go all quirky and want to appear playful. But remember, you can’t look playful and expensive. All-over solid, one colour looks expensive. Just get your fit right and you’re done.

Get your trousers cuffed

For the uninformed, a few trousers possess cuffs of an inch and a half or two. A detail that you won’t find in cheap/affordable suits. But don’t stress, buy a cheap one anyway and head to a tailor to get those cuffs. They look great on every man.

Wear cufflinks

Cufflinks exist because they look great and they bring your outfit to a close. It can uplift the price tag of your suit. But again, don’t go for interesting ones. Look at rich-looking variants. Those are the only ones that make you look classy.

Don’t leave extras behind

While getting the fit right is key anyway, ensuring the fabric isn’t hanging around unnecessarily is another point to consider. Pull your sleeves in, get your jacket shoulders altered too (if need be) and don’t let loose fabric hang around. A visit to the tailor won’t cause harm.

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